Is a Business Unit of Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy, a Multinational Corporation Headquartered in Finland with a Presence in 13 European Countries

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Adhesive  Solutions

Adhesive Solutions

is part of the Construction & Industrial Materials division of the Bang & Bonsomer Group. We produce and supply high quality adhesives for wood, paper, and packaging industries as well as waxes for various kinds of wood industries. Our products comply with all ISO standards and adhere strictly to our environmental and sustainability principles. ADHESIVE SOLUTIONS has an in-house team of highly skilled research and development specialists working to deliver the best solutions to our partners. We are an agile company that strives to meet the needs of our partners by customising specific solutions and deliveries, from small quantities to large bulk shipments.

Since its founding in 1927,

The Bang & Bonsomer Group has been developing and supplying smart material technologies. The company prides itself on being one of the most successful ingredient suppliers and developers in the region, employing over 300 experts in all the countries it operates in. The Bang & Bonsomer Group enjoys positive relationships with suppliers, research and development to find new and improved approaches to formulations and applications and, last but not least, a superior global logistics network to ensure swift delivery of all orders.

The products we manufacture and supply are certified with:

  • D4 (EN 204 and EN 14257/WATT’91)
  • M1 Low Emission Level Classification
  • FDA-Certificate of Approval

Sustainability Is an Integral Part of Our Business Strategy

As a good global citizen, the Bang & Bonsomer Group takes pride in its environmental, social, and economic responsibility. We explore, develop, and provide innovative material technologies that are the least harmful to the environment and to people.

Strong Commitment to High Ethical Standards

We follow the letter and spirit of the law, good business practices, and safety regulations.

Business Sustainability, Dependability, and Credibility 

We treat colleagues and partners fairly and respectfully.

We Deliver Adhesive Solutions for All Major Industries

The Adhesive Solutions business unit operates as a local manufacturing and sales arm and partner to leading international raw material producers, providing active sales, marketing, and distribution services in designated market areas. Our industrial manufacturing facilities allow us to offer customised products close to the end-user markets.




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